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What is there to do in this state? If you ask a teenager, he'll grumble, "Nothing!" Ask someone else, and you may find there is a lot of fun activity in this pristine place.

Sprinter Fest (EAST) 2013 (in PA)

An annual event open to the public celebrating the amazing Mercedes Benz vehicle called the Sprinter and all the modifications.  A tour of Sun Motor Cars facilities, a chance to meet other Sprinter owners, see their custom, factory and do-it-yourself modifications featuring campers, radio rigs, office on wheels, Canine transporters, and many others!

Sprinter Fest (EAST) 2013.

Black Walnut Festival

Take, for instance, the annual Black Walnut Festival. Spencer, WV, hosts this shindig every year and it brings folks from miles away; in fact, Travelocity picked the BWF as a top travel destination. They have a website, to which we have contributed thousands of pictures, here:

BWF Car Show

Most Black Walnut Festivals have an antique car show; here is a photo album of the 2010 showing.

Heritage Days (2010)

Spencer, WV hosts an event called Heritage Days; they bring out some old fashioned engines, civil war encampments, a blacksmith and they sometimes have people in character. Check out the 2010 event on this page.

Ramp Dinners

Ramp dinners are very popular when the zesty leek is in season; we're heading out to a ramp dinner this weekend (April 2010) and will report back the findings. Check out the commentary on ramps on the culture page, too. Ok, the Ramp Dinner was a zesty success! Check out the page on Washington Community Building Associations Annual Ramp Dinner.

Strawberry Festival 2011 in Buckhannon, WV

Another great reason to celebrate! Check out our write up of this spread out festival.

Dandelion Festival 2011 in White Sulphur Springs, WV

Pictures Here. This festival is "In celebration and appreciation for the determination of the dandelion, the White Sulphur Springs Dandelion Festival takes place each Memorial Day weekend. The gutsy little flower fights its way through velvety lawns, dodges mowers and weed killers and, against all odds, reigns supreme as it blankets our towns each spring. The event features kid's activities, contests, an art show, flea market, antique car show, Veterans' appreciation activities and live music and entertainment."

We found the event to be not very large in size, with a porportionally small attendance; there were a dozen or so vendors, with your average festival things. The information booth was unmanned when we visited, and we were hoping to find some dandelion wine, candy or other type treats - no luck.

Cherry Spoons

However, we discovered a fellow named George Lange, who is a crafter of spoons, ladels and other kitchen gadgetry - hand made from cherry. Very nice, excellent craftsmanship and when our merchandise pages go online, you can find a couple of spoons from his cart. George is located at 5294 Etna Road, Linville, VA and you can reach him at 540.833.1460 or cell 540.421.2569. George makes these functional and decorative spoons and then treats them with virgin olive oil. Beautiful work! You will find some pictures in the Dandelion Festival photo album.

Wood Festival

Calhoun County and Grantsville host the Wood Festival; this was a fun gathering with a small carnival, lots of vendors, food, antique cars and corn hole tossing. The pictures are here.